Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a replacement pan/lid?
If you want to order a replacement pan/lid you can call our Consumer Customer Service Hotline at 800-270-2705 for more information. Make sure you know what size popper you have when you call. (SEE: What size popper do I have?)

Do I have to make a full batch or can I make a partial batch?
It is not necessary to make a full batch of popcorn every time you pop. If you want to make less you can use this basic formula: 1 Tablespoon of popcorn + 1 Teaspoon of oil = 1 Quart of popped corn.

How do I adjust my lid/stir wires?
Stir wires should sweep along bottom of popper pan distributing popcorn evenly. If wire becomes uneven, you can gently bend back to original shape.

How do I get lid off?
Hold pan by handle on a flat surface. While straddling index finger and thumb across center crossbar, hold clamp like trigger and squeeze upward. Repeat procedure on other clamp. Release half-moon clip and easily remove lid.

How many lid clips should my popper have?
Your popper should have one clip. The purpose of the clip is to keep the clipped flap closed while you are pouring out popped corn from the other loose flap.

How often should I clean my popper?
When making Sugar Corn or Gourmet Recipes: Clean after every use with warm soapy water. When making Real Theater Popcorn or Traditional (popcorn & oil): It is up to your own preference. Wipe out with a paper towel after every use or every 4-5 uses, is a normal cleaning cycle. You can wash with warm soapy water as well.

How should I clean my popper?
When making Real Sugar Glazed Popcorn or Gourmet Recipes: We recommend cleaning popper with warm soapy water. When making Real Theater Popcorn or Traditional (popcorn & oil): You can wipe out the popper with paper towels or use warm soapy water.

Is my popper dishwasher safe?
We do not recommend putting the popper in the dishwasher, as the aluminum is not dishwasher safe. Always hand wash both the popper and the lid using warm soapy water and a grease-cutting dish soap. If you have questions about cleaning the popper, please contact our customer service team at 877-888-7077.

Should I stir the crank fast?
You can stir at any pace. Your popper will pop if you stir slow or fast. We recommend a slower stirring action during the heating process & a more steady stirring action during the popping process.

Should I stir the crank the entire time?
If you are using less than 1 tablespoon of oil, then we recommend stirring through the entire process which is only 2-3 minutes. If you are using more oil or our Real Theater Popcorn Pouch then we recommend stirring at the beginning of the process to coat the kernels and then through the popping process.

Should my lid have a snug fit to my pan?
Yes, if your lid does not fit snug to the pan call our Consumer Customer Service Hotline at 800-270-2705 & let us know.

What size popper do I have?
The way to tell what size popper you have is by measuring the depth of the pot. If it is approximately 4 inches deep, you have a 4-Quart, if it is approximately 6 inches deep, you have a 6-Quart and if it is approximately 8 inches deep, you have an 8-Quart.

What type of heat sources and heat settings can I use my popper on?
Your popper will work on any kitchen stove top (electric, gas, flattop, ceramic) or camping stove. Heat settings vary depending on the unit. Keeping in mind that popping your popcorn should take no longer than 2-3 minutes, we recommend you start at the following settings and then adjust your temperature if necessary to reach the optimum popping time of 2-3 minutes. Electric: Medium to Medium High. Gas & Camping Stove: Medium.

Where can I buy poppers, popcorn, etc?
You can call our Consumer Customer Service Hotline at 800-270-2705 for the nearest retail location that carries our poppers, popcorn, cookbook, seasonings & accessories.

Where should I store my popper?
Most of our customers store their popper on the stovetop or on top of the refrigerator. It makes a fun conversation piece and keeps it accessible for convenient popping. The popper is not oven safe, so we recommend that you do not store the popper in the oven. (If the oven is accidentally turned on, the popper could be damaged & this is not covered in the warranty).

Which way should I turn the hand crank?
The stir wire was designed to crank clockwise. You can turn the crank either clockwise or counter clockwise and it will work, but clockwise is recommended.

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